Beek's Books - Definitions
The following symbols are used throughout the Beek's Books site. They are not intended to describe each book completely, nor to imply that Book A is comparable to Book B, just because they have the same content codes attached. Nor are they mutually exclusive; as far as I'm concerned, nearly all of them could be applied to a single book (though not very easily). They're just an attempt to classify the unclassifiable (in my opinion), and to make it a little easier to pick out things the reader might find interesting (or not).
[list]  All Ages - Not only for kids, but suitable for all ages: kids, teenagers, and adults. Some of this material may be over younger kids' heads, but these books generally have little or no violence, sexual content, profanity, or other stuff kids might have problems with.
[list]  Beyond Genre - This identifies books that defy the standard genre ghettoes of comics (i.e. the other categories I use), and do something different. It's also attached to "genre" stories that transcend the usual limitations of that genre (which is usually a good thing).
[list]  Humour/Fun - This indicates that the book is funny, or perhaps just a lot of fun to read. What kind of fun might be gleaned from the other symbols the book bears. This does not mean that it will be suitable for teens or children (though it might be); look for a/A for that.
[list]  Fantasy - Contains elements in the traditions of folklore, swords and sorcery, and the simply undefinable. They may be whimsical, dark, both, or neither (depending on your point of view). Generally excluded (because they have their own categories) are superheros and high tech.
[list]  Lesbian/Bi/Gay - This is material of particular interest to members of the lesbian, bisexual, and gay communties. That doesn't mean open-minded straight folk won't appreciate it as well, of course. (After all, gay people read and enjoy lots of hetero comics!)
[list]  Science Fiction - This can refer to lots of different kinds of books, ranging from "hard" science fiction, to pop space opera, and even some "superhero" stuff with noticeable sci-fi overtones. Too much "magick" and it gets bumped over to "fantasy".
[list]  Smut - The main purpose of this code is to identify material specifically designed to arouse the reader sexually. But it may not indicate porn... just that some characters have sex. These reviews require an Adult Check ID to access.
[list]  Superhero/Action - This symbol identifies books featuring A) characters in tights or spandex, usually with unusual abilities, B) characters engaged in action-filled adventures. This does not guarantee that it will be full of slug-fests and adolescent power fantasies. Fortunately.
*  Magic! - Wow. The best stuff I've read. If you're looking for the creme de la creme, pick up this.

+  Good - Worth reading. This is my most common rating, because I try not to waste my time on junk.

~  OK - Not bad, but not great either. Maybe you'll like it, but it has some noteworthy shortcomings.

-  Bad - I'm sorry, but I really didn't think this was worth the time to read it, or the money to buy it.

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