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Content: [super]Action, [sci-fi]SF, [fantasy]Fantasy, [all ages]All Ages, [beyond genre]Beyond, [les/bi/gay]Gay, [smut]Smut.
+ You Are Here - Kyle Baker (an ex-hoodlum's rural girlfriend innocently follows him into the city) [humour]
+ Amy Unbounded - Rachel Hartman (an irrepressible pre-teen girl in a medieval setting) [fantasy][all ages]
+ Gordon Yamamoto & the King of the Geeks - Gene Yang (a bully encounters a brain) [all ages]
+ DESTROY!! - Scott McCloud (32 pages of meaningless violence and mayhem, plus one naughty word) [super]
~ Finger Filth - Bob Fingerman (a mixed selection of erotica by a talented alternative cartoonist) [smut] [beyond genre]
+ Smith Brown Jones - Jon "Bean" Hastings (a dryly funny story of an alien accountant on Earth) [sci-fi] [all ages]
+ Bull's Balls - Ralf König (outside temptations spell trouble for a committed gay couple) [les/bi/gay] [smut]
+ Reality Check - Rosearik Rikki, Tavisha Wolfgarth (a boy and his cat/VR-girlfriend) [sci-fi] [all ages]
+ Leave It To Chance - James Robinson, Paul Smith (an adolescent girl tries following dad's footsteps) [super] [all ages] [fantasy]
* Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels - Howard Cruse (underground comix by a veteran gay cartoonist) [les/bi/gay] [beyond genre] [smut]
+ Roswell: Little Green Man - Bill Morrison (a hapless Zootian crashes near Roswell in 1947) [sci-fi] [all ages]
+ XXXenophile - Phil Foglio & co. (sexy, funny short stories in a universe of settings) [smut]
~ Jet #1 - Jonathan Hong (manga-influenced masked kid urban adventurer) [super] [all ages]
+ Scare Tactics - Kaminski, Williams, Lanning (horror meets humour meets human interest) [super]
- Spümco Comic Book - John K & co. (immature comics from the creator of Ren & Stimpy) [all ages]
~ Oktane - Gerard Jones, Gene Ha (a 10-foot oil-guzzling post-apocalyptic enigma) [beyond genre] [super]
+ Troublemakers #1 - Fabian Nicieza, Kenny Martinez, Anibal Rodriguez (adolescent superkids) [super]
+ Oh... - various artists (comics by women, about women who love women) [beyond genre] [super] [les/bi/gay]
* Gon #1 - Masashi Tanaka (a dwarf dinosaur's adventures in the modern world) [beyond genre] [super]
+ What They Did to Princess Paragon - Robert Rodi (what if DC made Wonder Woman a lesbian?) [super] [les/bi/gay]
+ The Jam #1-11 - Bernie Mireault (a guy who wears a suit and fights crime... but isn't a superhero) [super]
+ Ragmop #1-3 - Rob Walton (comedy featuring dinosaurs, the pope, aliens, capitalists, etc.) [beyond genre]
+ The Copybook Tales vol.1 - J.Torres, Tim Levins (growing up, pursuing dreams, and friendship) [beyond genre]
* Akiko on the Planet Smoo - Mark Crilley (a 4th-grade girl's adventures on another world) [super] [all ages]
Dedicated to the memories of Andy Bristol, cerebral hemorrhage survivor.
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