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Ratings: -Bad, ~OK, +Good, *Magic.
Content: [super]Action, [humour]Fun, [fantasy]Fantasy, [all ages]All Ages, [beyond genre]Beyond, [les/bi/gay]Gay, [smut]Smut.
_ Journeyman - Brandon McKinney (a nameless solitary hero roams an alien world) [super]
+ Star Crossed - Matt Howarth (an ill-fated romance between a space-adapted human and an asteroid)
~ Prisonopolis, Infochameleon - Ben Adams & co. (stories with something to say about our future) [super]
+ The Invisibles - Grant Morrison, Phil Jimenez (what if those occult conspiracies were all real?) [fantasy] [super]
+ Atlantis Chronicles - Peter David, Esteban Maroto (the epic of Aquaman's kingdom and people) [super] [fantasy]
~ Cell - Derek Kirk (a very good, but unfinished mystery) [beyond genre]
+ Smith Brown Jones - Jon "Bean" Hastings (a dryly funny story of an alien accountant on Earth) [humour] [all ages]
* Soulwind - C.Scott Morse (a tale of fantasy and adventure in another world) [beyond genre] [all ages]
+ Reality Check - Rosearik Rikki, Tavisha Wolfgarth (a boy and his cat/VR-girlfriend) [humour] [all ages]
~ Birdland - Gilbert Hernandez (surreal, sexy stuff by the Love & Rockets creator) [smut] [beyond genre]
+ Wandering Star - Terri Sue Wood (a woman recounts her pivotal experiences in an interstellar war)
+ Roswell: Little Green Man - Bill Morrison (a hapless Zootian crashes near Roswell in 1947) [humour] [all ages]
+ Galaxion - Tara Jenkins (the maiden voyage of an experimental hyperdrive vessel) [all ages]
~ Gemini Blood - Christopher Hinz, T.L.Edwards (mercenaries vs. creatures with 2 bodies but 1 mind) [super]
+ Time Breakers - Rachel Pollack, Chris Weston (What if time paradoxes were necessary for life to exist?) [super]
+ XXXenophile - Phil Foglio & co. (sexy, funny short stories in a universe of settings) [smut] [humour]
~ Oktane - Gerard Jones, Gene Ha (a 10-foot oil-guzzling post-apocalyptic enigma) [super] [beyond genre]
~ Turok #1 - Fabian Nicieza, Rafael Kayanan (an irresponsible stud[ent] becomes Turok the dinosaur hunter) [super]
~ Eradicator - Velez, Robinson, Lowe (the last "pure" Kryptonian looks for his humanity) [super]
+ CyberZone #1-7 - Jimmie Robinson (future adventures of a street-tough woman and her sentient Gunn) [super] [les/bi/gay]
~ Leatherboy - Craig Maynard (a gay sex-toy superhero fights a super-powered-sex menace) [smut] [les/bi/gay] [super]
~ Xenobrood - Moench, Coker/Hunter, Aiken/Lowe (a team of "genies released from a bottle") [super]
+ The DC Challenge! - the 1986 DC creative staff (round-robin mini-series featuring DC's superheroes) [super] [all ages]
+ The Foot Soldiers vol.1 - Kreuger, Oeming (a group of kids become heroes in an oppressed future) [super]
+ Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #1,2 - Ricardo Delgado (wordless miniseries from Dark Horse) [beyond genre]
~ Powers That Be / Star Seed #1-4 - Jim Shooter & co (superhero series from Broadway Comics) [super]
* V for Vendetta - Alan Moore, David Lloyd (a masked anarchist takes on fascist Britain) etc. [super]
* Akiko on the Planet Smoo - Mark Crilley (a 4th-grade girl's adventures on another world) [humour] [all ages]
~ Avant Guard #2 - Stephen Conley (old-style superheroes drawn using modern computer tools) [super]
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