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Ratings: -Bad, ~OK, +Good, *Magic.
Content: [super]Action, [humour]Fun, [sci-fi]SF, [fantasy]Fantasy, [all ages]All Ages, [les/bi/gay]Gay, [smut]Smut.
* Pedro and Me - Judd Winick (the friendship between "Real World" stars Winick and Pedro Zamora) [les/bi/gay]
+ Young Hoods In Love - Ho Che Anderson (a voyeur's-eye-view of people's unusual lives)
+ Strips #1 - Chuck Austen (a fun but thoughtful story of love and sex in college) [smut]
+ Another Day - Mario E. Miranda (an ordinary young man discovers he can do extraordinary things) [super]
~ Finger Filth - Bob Fingerman (a mixed selection of erotica by a talented alternative cartoonist) [smut] [humour]
+ A Touch of Silver - Jim Valentino (a disarmingly realistic story of a boy escaping abuse through his comics)
~ Cell - Derek Kirk (a very good, but unfinished mystery) [beyond genre]
* Soulwind - C.Scott Morse (a tale of fantasy and adventure in another world) [sci-fi] [all ages] [fantasy]
+ Keyhole, Billy Dogma - Josh Neufield, Dean Haspiel (off-beat, clever anthology; off-the-wall action hero) [beyond genre]
+ An Accidental Death - Ed Brubaker, Eric Shanower (two teenage boys deal with a deadly secret) [beyond genre]
~ Modern Grimm - Andrew Dabb (anthology of thoughtful illustrated stories)
+ DreamWalker - Jenni Gregory (a young woman learns to visit people's dreams) [all ages]
* Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels - Howard Cruse (underground comix by a veteran gay cartoonist) [les/bi/gay] [humour] [smut]
+ A History of Violence - John Wagner, Vince Locke (an ordinary guy is confronted by a secret past?)
+ Birdland - Gilbert Hernandez (surreal, sexy stuff by the Love & Rockets creator) [smut] [sci-fi]
+ The Spectre - John Ostrander, Tom Mandrake (the wrath of God joined with a dead cop) [super][fantasy]
+ Our Cancer Year - Pekar, Brabner, Stack (a year in the life, and the struggle for life)
+ StrangeHaven #1-5 - Gary Spencer Millidge (Twin Peaks with a rural Southwest England charm)
~ Oktane - Gerard Jones, Gene Ha (a 10-foot oil-guzzling post-apocalyptic enigma) [super]
+ Chiaroscuro - McGreal, Rawson, Truog (speculative biography of da Vinci and his ward Salai) [les/bi/gay]
+ Buddha on the Road #1 - Colin Upton (a Canadian ex-punk, ex-soldier returns home)
+ Nine Panel Grid #1-5 - James Pyman (slice-of-life/experimental English indie)
~ Glitch #1 - Timothy Piotrowski (slice-of-life from a mainstream-alternative gay perspective) [les/bi/gay]
~ The Worst Thing I've Ever Done! - Ted Rall & 24 confessors (true stories of wrong-doing)
+ End Of The Century Club - Ilya (London punks getting by in 1999) [beyond genre]
+ Steven's Comics #3 - David Kelly (the bittersweet life of a gay kid) [les/bi/gay]
+ Oh... - various artists (comics by women, about women who love women) [les/bi/gay]
* Gon #1 - Masashi Tanaka (a dwarf dinosaur's adventures in the modern world) [humour] [super] [all ages]
* The Tale of One Bad Rat - Bryan Talbot (a homeless girl, her rat, and Beatrix Potter)
~ Prez - Joe Simon / Ed Brubaker ("the first teen president", in 1973 and 1995)
* Seven Miles A Second - Wojnarowicz, Romberger (autobiography of former child prostitute with AIDS) [les/bi/gay]
+ The Jam #1-11 - Bernie Mireault (a guy who wears a suit and fights crime... but isn't a superhero) [humour] [super]
+ Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #1,2 - Ricardo Delgado (wordless miniseries from Dark Horse)
* V for Vendetta - Alan Moore, David Lloyd (a masked anarchist takes on fascist Britain) [super]
+ The Copybook Tales vol.1 - J.Torres, Tim Levins (growing up, pursuing dreams, and friendship) [humour]
~ The Narrative Corpse - various artists (surrealist collaboration of alternative comics creators)
* Stuck Rubber Baby - Howard Cruse (a gay white man coming of age in the racist South of the 60's) [les/bi/gay]
+ Solstice #1 - Steven Seagle, Justin Norman (a man and his obsessive father's search for the Fountain of Youth)
Dedicated to the memories of Andy Bristol, cerebral hemorrhage survivor.
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