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Content: [super]Action, [humour]Fun, [sci-fi]SF, [fantasy]Fantasy, [all ages]All Ages, [beyond genre]Beyond.
+ Amy Unbounded - Rachel Hartman (an irrepressible pre-teen girl in a medieval setting) [fantasy][humour]
+ Gordon Yamamoto & the King of the Geeks - Gene Yang (a bully encounters a brain) [humour]
~ Crisis on Earth Prime - Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas (a mondo Multiverse multi-team crossover) [super]
+ Superman Adventures #11,12 - McCloud, Burchett (Superman - and Lois - face a threat to his life) [super]
+ Smith Brown Jones - Jon "Bean" Hastings (a dryly funny story of an alien accountant on Earth) [humour] [sci-fi]
* Soulwind - C.Scott Morse (a tale of fantasy and adventure in another world) [beyond genre] [sci-fi] [fantasy]
+ DreamWalker - Jenni Gregory (a young woman learns to visit people's dreams) [beyond genre]
+ Reality Check - Rosearik Rikki, Tavisha Wolfgarth (a boy and his cat/VR-girlfriend) [humour] [sci-fi]
+ Leave It To Chance - James Robinson, Paul Smith (an adolescent girl tries following dad's footsteps) [super] [humour] [fantasy]
+ Roswell: Little Green Man - Bill Morrison (a hapless Zootian crashes near Roswell in 1947) [humour] [sci-fi]
+ Galaxion - Tara Jenkins (the maiden voyage of an experimental hyperdrive vessel) [sci-fi]
~ Jet #1 - Jonathan Hong (manga-influenced masked kid urban adventurer) [super] [humour]
+ The DC Challenge! - the 1986 DC creative staff (round-robin mini-series featuring DC's superheroes) [super] [sci-fi]
* Akiko on the Planet Smoo - Mark Crilley (a 4th-grade girl's adventures on another world) [humour] [sci-fi]
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