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Content: [super]Action, [humour]Fun, [sci-fi]SF, [fantasy]Fantasy, [all ages]All Ages, [beyond genre]Beyond, [smut]Smut.
* Pedro and Me - Judd Winick (the friendship between "Real World" stars Winick and Pedro Zamora) [beyond genre]
+ Steven's Comics #3 - David Kelly (the bittersweet life of a gay kid) [beyond genre]
+ Bull's Balls - Ralf König (outside temptations spell trouble for a committed gay couple) [humour] [smut]
~ Coley Running Wild - John Blackburn (a seductive male model's adventures) [smut]
~ The Enchanters - Steven Gellman (a team of magical gay/lesbian superheroes) [fantasy][super]
* Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels - Howard Cruse (underground comix by a veteran gay cartoonist) [beyond genre] [humour] [smut]
+ Handjobs - Julius (erotic fiction featuring "daddy" and "son" types, with lots of sex) [smut]
+ Heroes - Matt Wayne, ChrisCross, Prentis Rollins (Milestone's first "public" superhero team) [super]
+ Chiaroscuro - McGreal, Rawson, Truog (speculative biography of da Vinci and his ward Salai) [beyond genre]
~ Glitch #1 - Timothy Piotrowski (slice-of-life from a mainstream-alternative gay perspective) [beyond genre]
+ Oh... - various artists (comics by women, about women who love women) [beyond genre] [super]
+ What They Did to Princess Paragon - Robert Rodi (what if DC made Wonder Woman a lesbian?) [humour] [super]
+ CyberZone #1-7 - Jimmie Robinson (future adventures of a street-tough woman and her sentient Gunn) [super]
+ Hardthrob - John Blackburn (a seductive male model upsets the life of a young man and his sister) [smut]
~ Leatherboy - Craig Maynard (a gay sex-toy superhero fights a super-powered-sex menace) [super] [smut]
* Seven Miles A Second - Wojnarowicz, Romberger (autobiography of former child prostitute with AIDS) [beyond genre]
* Stuck Rubber Baby - Howard Cruse (a gay white man coming of age in the racist South of the 60's) [beyond genre]
I have a page of information about gay superheroes.
Find a comic book shop No write-up (yet), just a recommendation:
+ Blood Syndicate - Ivan Velez, etc. (a multi-ethnic super-powered street gang) [super]
* Dykes to Watch Out For - Alison Bechdel (a women-focused "real life" strip, collected in several volumes) [beyond genre] [humour]
+ Gay Comix / Gay Comics (for a decade and a half, the premiere anthology of gay and lesbian comics) [beyond genre] [humour] [super]
~ Meatmen (series of paperback coffeetable books featuring gay male cartoonists) [beyond genre] [smut] [humour]
 Note: Gay/lesbian characters appear in minor recurring roles in The Flash (Piper, a reformed villain and friend of the title character), the Superman books (Maggie Sawyer, head of the Metropolis Police Dept's Special Crimes Unit), Static (Rick, a friend of the title character's non-costumed identity), and The Incredible Hulk in the early #400's (Hector, a member of a secretive family of heroes known as the Pantheon). Gay characters also appear prominently in Superboy and the Ravers from DC, as well as Breakneck Blvd., The Waiting Place, and The Copybook Tales, both from Slave Labor Graphics.
Dedicated to the memories of Andy Bristol, cerebral hemorrhage survivor.
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